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Thank You!

  You've Made All Our  

  Wishes  Come True!   


Who better to understand the value of a dollar (or pound) than the budget minded heroines from Jane's Novels. So we have placed our kind and generous friends in their good company.


We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Pemberly Estates

Deborah Teska & Michael Shoemaker, Marianne Wells, Barbara Riley, Mary Farnsworth

Patroness Emma Woodhouse


Julia Eisenstein,  Kim Cummings, James & Peggy Dargon, Lotsatrees

The Lizzie Bennet Bunch

Lynn West, Heather Refvem, Erin Callahan, Pauld2b, Cathleen Rossman, Warriorgirlprincess1, Philip Rappa III

Amiable Anne Elliot

Lynette Garringer, Paula Gorenstein, Christopher Eilenstine, Claiborne Rqay, Kimberly Stowell, Jayson Keeton, Suzanne H Smart, Noelle King, Joannacr,  Deborah Unger, Kristen Lishen,

Ray & Cathy Newton

Marianne Dashwood's Desserts

 Derek Tarson, Jax Hatsmt, Laurie Bloom, Collin M Sullivan,Ryan Dejak, Cassie Orzano, Benjamin McCauley, Deloss Brown, Emily Comisar, Antony Arovoy, Jody Christopherson, Damon Krometis, Jospeh Fox, Nicole Skelly, Jessica Ammirati, E Wilson

"Wily Cat" Moreland​

Alissa Stahler, E John Feig, Zachory Fehst, Buriedlovely, Michael Serpe,

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