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 A web series which takes Jane Austen and six of her beloved heroines to a place they have never been before

...a 21st century reality show.

Our Premise



      The Jane Games is a reality show created by Jane Austen to introduce her classic characters to a modern audience. All of her ladies have been recreated and are living their lives as modern women. Each individually submitted an audition video to be on a reality show.

       The 6 competitors (Lizzie Bennet, Cat Morland, Mary Crawford, Marianne Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse, and Anne Elliot) arrive at the "cottage" and the fabulous prizes are revealed: $100,000 cash, a dream vacation for 2 to a romantic destination, and a potental soulmate to share their lives with.



       The ladies then begin to compete in events to determine the winner of The Jane Games. There are 6 events, split into 2 separate Rounds.

       In Round 1, the ladies compete to figure out who their "perfect" (according to Jane) match is: they must figure out who he is in order to make it to Round 2. In Round 2, the ladies are all competing for the Grand Prize.



       While the girls compete, their true colors come out, both in the events and in front of the confessional cameras.  We see the girls become friends, become enemies, fall in love, get their hearts broken, and deal with life on a reality show.

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