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The Contestants - A Guide To Our Girls

Single girls of all walks of life are coming together to compete for true love and happiness.  Which of them will slide into cattiness, and which will remain ladies?

Meet Anne - Tweet Anne

Anne Elliot
-Nurse at Kellynch Family Practice



Anne Elliot was brought up in a well to do family which lost evening in the recession. This forced her to drop out of her pre-med program to focus her attentions at home. She is now a nurse struggling to keep her family afloat despite their extravegent spending habits. Her good sense gently bestowed is usually ignored.
To make matters worse, her boyfriend  was overseas in the navy when her world shifted. Though she had promised to wait for him, the long distance on top of her family troubles was taking its toll. She was persuaded to break up with Fredrick, which she now regrets. Today Anne is resigned to live the single life.  No one new seems to compare to her ex. She believes her time for romance is done. After all, she is a grown up now, and has to deal with a world that didn't turn out like she was told it would.

Meet Cat - Tweet Cat

Cat Morland
-Senior at Fullerton High School


Cat is a high school senior and the oldest of 10 siblings. Cat is the youngest of the ladies competing. A very good student, she thrives on her using her imagination and spends most of her free hours playing games; everything from board games to computer games to Cosplay. Her current favorite is the online interactive game, “Seeking Southgate Abbey,” which she plays as a character called “The Lynx.” She is very book smart, but naïve and somewhat gullible due to her lack of real life experience.

Meet Emma - Tweet Emma

Emma Woodhouse
-Chairwoman of the Woodhouse foundation

Emma Woodhouse is a socialite from the very well established Woodhouse Family in New York City. Emma serves on several charitable foundations, most notably her family’s own Woodhouse Foundation which she is the face for, appearing for them at events and in press releases. She is very used to

running things her way and taking care of the people around her, most of all her father and her best friend, Harriet. She is generous both with finance and advice. Emma is very knowledgeable in the ways of the world, but not as much in the matters of the heart.

Meet Lizzie - Tweet Lizzie

Lizzie Bennet
-Founder of Green Initiave at Harvard University


Lizzie Bennet: At the end of her junior year at Harvard.  The second of 5 daughters from a middle class family, she got into Harvard on scholarship and is scraping by with a multitude of student loans.  A very liberal democrat, she is headstrong and opinionated and never afraid to voice that opinion.

Meet Marianne - Tweet Marianne

Marianne Dashwood
-Triple majoring In Music, Art, & Poetry at Barton Conservatory


Marianne Dashwood is passionate and impulsive, and more than a touch loopy. Marianne is a student at the music conservatory. she is wild about all types of art, especially music and poetry. She leads with her heart at a full speed, and can fall in love instantly- again, and again. She romantically has an

unshakable faith in destiny and fate, and enlists tarot cards, crystals, palm readers and feng shui in her hunt for her one truly impassioned love.

Meet Mary - Tweet Mary

Mary Crawford
-Stylist and Founder of MerCi


Mary Crawford is an up and coming fashion designer. Mary is trying to make her way in the world of fashion. She has the skills to be a designer but lacks the funds or the connections. She is fun loving, clever and above all, socially amusing. She is used to being the center of male attention and knows how to use that to her advantage. She is not malicious, but she knows what she wants and she will do anything to get it.

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